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Interview: Presley Tennant

15 year-old singer-songwriter Presley Tennant is making a name for herself with her talent, vocals, and work ethic. The LA-based teen has already performed live for a number of events, including VidCon, the Kia Stage, Staples Center halftime, and more. Tennant has a miraculous confidence and stage presence as she sings and dances to her relatable lyrics, catching the attention of many young fans and adults alike. Pop magazine J-14 just premiered the video for her new single “BFF,” which can be seen below. Music Existence was able to speak with Presley about her music, her love of sports, and her upcoming releases.

Music Existence: Hey Presley, how’s it going?
Presley: Great! How about you?

ME: Not too shabby, thanks for asking. Did you have a good holiday season?
Presley: Yeah, I did.

ME: Yay! Are you one for any New Year resolutions?
Presley: Not really.

ME: What are some goals you have set out for 2018 that you hope to achieve?
Presley: I definitely want to create more music and getting all that out there. I’m doing a new concert series throughout the year, so I just want to prepare for that.

ME: Tell us about your single “BFF.”
Presley: When I wrote “BFF,” it was during a time I was really hurt from a friend. It was literally like a clip out of Mean Girls. It was actually really funny, but I found that writing helped me realize that not everyone seems to be who they are. Even though I was hurt from it, I did get stronger. I did get better from it.

ME: That’s always helpful to be able to use that as your creative outlet. You have a new EP coming out in March, is that correct?
Presley: I have a series of songs. We were going to release it as an EP, but we figured going through it as just singles would be better. Each song has their own meaning to it. I feel like putting out singles is a lot better, but I will be releasing them all before March.

ME: Very cool. Do you have a favorite single that you’re looking forward to release, and if so, why is it your favorite?
Presley: My favorite one probably has to be this next one I’m releasing. I believe it’s releasing around January 17th. It’s one of my favorites, because it’s something that means a lot to me. I actually wrote it last year, but I’ve been fixing it up. I’m so close to this song that it’s just something I really want to put out there.

ME: What inspires your music?
Presley: That’s a great question. (laughs) It’s almost just my everyday life and what I go through. I like to write my songs based off of my experiences. It’s something that I know is real and that others can relate to.

ME: The other day you posted a video of you riding in the California sand dunes, which is something probably most people wouldn’t expect. What are some other hobbies or fun facts about you that would maybe surprise your fans?
Presley: I absolutely love sports! I’m a major hockey and soccer fan. I think I’ve been watching hockey since I was born. Apparently my dad sat me down at watched the Stanley cup with me the first couple days I was born. (laughs) I’ve just been hooked off of that. I love soccer and want to go to London to watch Manchester United.

ME: Sweet. You seem genuinely comfortable and confident when you’re on stage. At what age did you find your passion for singing?
Presley: I was around 10 when I found my passion for singing. I started singing when I was around 7, but that was just because I wanted to take singing lessons just to do something. Then I was introduced to this little girl group that taught me how to dance. Immediately I was hooked and infatuated with the stage. I took that and kept growing with it. Now, it’s probably one of my favorite places to be.

ME: Was there a certain moment that you realized it was something you wanted to pursue?
Presley: It wasn’t a moment. It was just all of it gathering up. I was playing soccer at the time, and so it was either singing or soccer. My heart is with singing.

ME: Is there any particular song you’re looking forward to most performing at live shows? 
Presley: My next song coming out after my ballad, called “Stronger,” is the one I’m most excited to perform. It gets the crowd interacting. It’s really cool to see it all happen live.

ME: Presley, I appreciate you taking time out of your day to talk to me. Thank you.
Presley: You too!

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