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Single Review: Beeware “It Is”

Casually strolling out of the darkness with a confident groove that only gets more seductive as we listen on, Beeware’s “It Is” doesn’t give us the opportunity to reject its advances – it comes in for the kill right off the bat. There’s a faint trip-hop component to the intro we find in this song that immediately pulls us closer to the source of the heat, and as we’ll soon discover via harmonies from Angel-A, there’s no shortage of unique surprises lying around every corner in this latest release to bear Beeware’s name in the byline.

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The Bria Bridges-directed video for “It Is” suggests its narrative rather than outright hashing it out with props and indulgent visuals, and I think that was the way to go for a piece from Beeware and Angel-A. These are two artists who are pretty adept at what they individually do, and save for a bit of competitive embellishment in the hook, they’ve got a connection in this jam that makes every verse sound honest and true. There’s no need for filler when you’ve got this kind of ability going for you, and thus, you’ll find none in this release from start to finish.

It’s hard to keep up with the best and bravest creators in the hip-hop underground, but Beeware is someone who has made me very intrigued at what could come from his discography next. He’s got attitude, but he’s a lot artsier than some of his peers are right now. This man is a musician and someone who gets into concepts, and if molded the right way his sound could create a very lucrative career filled with hit singles and worthwhile full-length albums. He’s got the right idea with “It Is,” and I think this is the right template for him to employ in future work as well.

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