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Interview: EGO’S T7


EGO is more than a social and humanitarian project, it is a life purpose to improve the world. Through EGO World Music, it seeks to raise awareness about equality, social diversity both ethnic and cultural, sexual, as well as any other type and sustainability, being music the common thread. On the occasion of the celebration of the International Day of Peace (21 / 09 / 21) was released “HUMANITY” as a result of some of the recordings made throughout the world for 10 years, being composed and produced during the war conflict between Israel and Palestine in May 2021.

The verses have featured the famous phrases of the most relevant thinkers throughout history such as Cicero, Beethoven, Marie Curie, Calderon de la Barca, Voltaire, Nietzche or Henry Ward Beecher, among others. It took 4 months to record and produce with a single message: “may that which unites us be stronger than that which separates us”.

Now EGO presents the Christmas version in English and Spanish with a beautiful video clip. The “social chorus” at the end of the song is sung by 32 singers from 32 countries empowering the new generations for Peace and Unity…. As curiosities the theme has foundations in numerology and ends with binaural waves Theta (mental activity and positive thoughts).

We spoke with their leader, composer, arranger, producer, jack-of-all-trades, T7, in this exclusive interview!

Tell us about EGO World Music and EGO Humanity. What exactly are they?

EGO is a social and humanitarian project that aims to unite the human being through 7 planes (science, psychology, beliefs or religions, philosophy, history, music and languages) with music as the common thread. Its purpose is to send a message “that what unites us is stronger than what separates us”, seeking to raise awareness about equality and diversity of any form, gender and condition.

About the theme of “HUMANITY”, I composed it during the war between Israel and Palestine! I spent 4 months coordinating the recordings and making the video clip! It was a lot of “work” but the result was worth it! It’s a message worth remembering for the world… we are one!

In turn, it used some of the recordings I have made over 10 years around the world. For example, in 2016 I recorded with 17 Tibetan monks at the foot of the Himalayan mountains, those mantras recorded for more than two hours sound in the original version of HUMANITY.

Tell us about HUMANITY’s Merry Christmas. It must have been quite a feat to organize so many artists from all over the world for this. How did you select the artists?

That’s right, EGO marks a milestone by having more than 70 artists from over 40 countries collaborating! In the Christmas version of “HUMANITY”, it has had 5 more artists from 5 different countries being in total 41 countries, instead of 36 as it was in the original version. Also, I created a new videoclip and made the Spanish version of the same song.

The selection was complex because in order to record with so many artists I had to talk to many more from different countries. And that’s what was great! Each one of them, from India, Ukraine, Australia, England, EEU, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Canada, Spain, Sweden, China, Russia, Greece, Afghanistan, Iran or Cameroon among the rest! They shared the same enthusiasm and talent in spite of the great difference in resources between them… they deserve great recognition! I am very grateful to them from the bottom of my heart!

Who and what inspires you? Who influences your music and your life?

EGO is my life purpose and a commitment to God and to the energy that unites us all. I am inspired by humanity, love, spirituality and pain. The awareness of death is the spark we all need to ignite our purpose… “our time is over, our actions will last forever”.

Do you think there can really be peace and unity among all people? How will that be achieved?

There is a phrase that I read one day and I liked it a lot, I think that is also the key: “the greatest act of love that you can give to others is to be at peace with yourself”.

Said many times or few times, I believe that everything begins and ends in ourselves and we must make a great exercise of introspection, away from the external noise that we all have today (excess of information, social networks, stereotypes, criticism, etc) … I believe that being aware of our own mind, gives a great peace of mind, a deep humility and an opportunity to take control of our lives and be our best version … from there, everything is achieved, even world peace (first with oneself, then with others).

Are you planning any future releases?

I have realized that in these times we live in, everything has to be fast and immediate, becoming almost ephemeral, sometimes losing focus on what is really important.

That’s why I have decided to mark the times of EGO to convey its message, I think it is important to remember the messages that the project conveys, so I will possibly make new versions of the theme to reach more people! HUMANITY! WE ARE ONE!

Thank you very much!

Thank you T7!


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