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Single Review: Doug Kistner Feat. Bill Champlin “There’s The Door”

Since its release, “There’s The Door” has given Doug Kistner a new perspective on success. This veteran rocker has toured and performed with many of the greats in the industry today. With this project, Doug Kistner teams up with Bill Champlin of Chicago fame to deliver a witty, satirical look at relationships and trust. These two experienced players have witnessed much in the line of love and war, and with “There’s The Door,” they offer some cheeky wisdom to their devoted fans, “You want freedom but you’re afraid to be alone, and you always wanted more. If you think freedom is the thing you really need, turn around there’s the door.” I really enjoy this track as the call and response style of playing with these two greats is entertaining and thought-provoking, even if their intention was purely to amuse and entertain. The guitar playing is tight and well in the pocket as the beat has a steady momentum leading up to the recapitulation phase of the track where they have put their foot down and have once again pronounced, if you don’t like it, there’s the door. Melodically, “There’s The Door” showcases a contemporary feel with a hint of the roots which led these artists here.

“There’s The Door is a yacht rock track by any other name, however, it has stylings of Rock, Adult Contemporary, Soul, and even Funk, as that underlying bass keeps walking in patterns that evoke a dance response in their listeners. The mix on this track is the highest level we have come to expect from these two artists, never letting us down as they deliver a clear, crisp mix with bright, clear overtones carried out through the listening space. This seems to be a one-off project for these two performers yet, there is a chemistry present that hits on magic. Doug Kistner and Bill Champlin could make use of this connection and release a full-length compilation of great tracks, as the fans are already showing their love and support for this track, as their streaming numbers have shown. “There’s The Door” is a very enjoyable track, and worth many replays as it really does get under your skin with its cleverness.

–Lee Callaghan

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