Are you an upcoming individual artist who is worried about distributing and selling his music? Well, think no more, because Cosmo Media is here at your disposal. It is one of the fastest growing music distribution companies loaded with a number of facilities for its partnering artists. Once you team up with Cosmo Media, you don’t need to worry about any costs associated with distribution of music. 

Free Music Distribution

It is a well-known fact that indie artists are usually short on funds and looking for someone to support them. In fact, a number of indie artists end up giving up music because they’re not able to distribute their music. The distribution companies charge a hefty amount for providing music distribution services. Adding to this, most of them even retain a significant portion of the earnings to themselves as security or royalty. Ultimately, such distribution services end up being of no use to the artist. Cosmo Media has an extremely transparent policy towards the said issue. They provide the best music distribution services absolutely free of cost and there are no hidden costs involved. In terms of the revenue that’s generated from an artist’s creation, the company only keeps 20% of it as royalty. The entire remaining 805 of the revenue belongs to the artist solely. 

Distribution Reach & Partnerships

Indie artists are not region-specific. They can emerge from any corner of the world and create music in any language. Thus, they need a platform that has partnership with music streaming platforms across the world. Doing so with the traditional distribution services would mean engaging with a number of such companies with huge costs involved. However, Cosmo Media provides with a single unified platform that has tie-ups with all major streaming platforms. These include YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, and several others. Cosmo Media has a PR team based in Europe that keeps close watch on the market and prepares distribution strategies. It allows the artists to analyze the worth and reach of their content and receive constructive feedback. All these inputs and platforms go a long way in helping the artist improve his/her work. 

Ownership Retention Policy & Customization Features

At Cosmo Media, the ultimate goal is to help indie artists achieve what they are capable of achieving. Therefore, it doesn’t just limit itself to providing free music distribution. It aims at building long-standing relationships with the artists and treat them as family. A welcoming step towards this very spirit is the ownership retention policy of the company. The company exercises absolutely no right over the creation of any indie artist. They are allowed to retain complete control and ownership over their work. The company deals in absolute good faith with the indie artists and has a transparent policy. Another unique set of features that the company offers is that of customization of music. Cosmo Media allows its partnering artists to customize their music as per their preferences and even select distribution streams. Also, the company comes with a multi-lingual dashboard that allows the artists to modify album information in different languages. 

High Value Features

Every partnering artist at Cosmo Media is paired with a dedicated team from the company that works with the artist. All artists have complete access to the PR reports, sales analytics and they can track their funds anytime and anywhere. Additionally, the company provides free of cost bar codes, ISRC codes and i-Tunes pre orders. The company even provides cover designing facilities to the artists and provide volume discounts on big catalogs. Lastly, the best streaming artists are offered great deals by the company that sets up their careers beautifully.  

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