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Alex Genadinik

This is quite an original song that combines genres and invents a new one. Alex took a motif from classical music and added it to the melody of his contemporary song.

The motif is from Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, which is the famous DA-DA-DA-DA sound with four notes constantly repeating. These four notes represent your life knocking on your door. That is the metaphor of this motif. It’s meant to add urgency to your life.

In the story of the song, the main her of the song is haunted By Beethoven’s knocking on his door and sets off on a wild quest for fulfillment and achievement, only to find achievement without fulfillment, which can be quite relatable for many people.

Take a listen to the song for yourself.

Here is a link to the blog post with more information about this song:

And here is Alex’s website where you can listen to all his music:


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