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Personal Influences And Choices Into Discovering The Music Industry

After watching all his friends and surrounding peers creating music and finding a way to express themselves. George Pareti decided he would try to gain some experience making music as a pastime. While COVID-19 was in full effect, there was lots of time for anyone to pick up a new hobby and find passion for something else. George Pareti grew up surrounded by music and people who were passionate about the music industry. With that being said George took to the music industry and fell in love with the ability he had to create and be an artist. George surrounded himself with like minded individuals who were all working towards the same goal in order to all support each other. Being born and raised in Chicago, George always knew the impacts of the music industry and witnessed it first hand. George has many plans to continue to make it within the industry and he is trying many different things in order to create some hype around his name. With his constant perseverance he will be a force to reckon with and with his dreams of making it to the top, it is possible that he might just get there.


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