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Single Review: Ed Roman “Happiness”

As a stand-alone single, “Happiness” falls into that experimental, indie rock category, yet it doesn’t. The syncopated vocals styles of Ed Roman presented on this track hits every accentuated note on the downbeat giving the vocal melody an almost marching beat. Coupled that with the off-time guitar chord progressions we have a song that jumps, hops, and swings to a much different beat than the typical stuff coming out of most indie rock artists. This Americana roots artist brings wit, clever metaphor, and unique perspectives through all his music, yet “Happiness” seems to be the one track that captures my attention the most. “Let me tell you all the empathy, well cry everybody, now cry everybody, better than the framework of catastrophe, well cry everybody, now cry, everybody”. As we explore all these emotions we are left with “Happiness,” the true emotion we cannot seem to get a handle on. The upbeat nature of this track makes it a sing-along hit, and the catchy chorus ensures we will want to keep listening to it. This is exactly what I have done, so with “Happiness” still on repeat on my streaming playlist, I am happy I found this gem in the wild.

“Happiness” is a highly professional track that features intricate chord progressions, a clever synth melody to resolve the cadences of the lyrics, and a snappy snare beat to ensure the feet are tapping throughout the listening experience. With professional production values, this track would fit perfectly into anyAlternative, Indie-Rock radio format, with hints of Pop sensibilities. Ed Roman may also see commercial  success in Adult Contemporary, Soft Rock, or Pop radio as well. I really like this track, I feel Ed Roman has tapped into his magical songwriting formula with “Happiness,” and as a follow-up to other successful singles like “Tomorrow is Today,” and “Stronger,” I feel “Happiness” is his strongest work to date.

As the plays amount for “Happiness” and the industry takes notice, are we going to hear more from Ed Roman in the future? I sure hope so.

–Lee Callaghan

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