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Chelsey James Lyrically Shines in “Must’ve Been Drunk”

Leaving pain in the past, country-rocker Chelsey James finds herself after a relationship on the rocks with her latest single, “Must’ve Been Drunk.” Pouring her whiskey’d voice over the old flames, James shines with glossy guitar riffs, fast-burning production, and elastic vocal energy. Understanding her value, James makes it clear that she will unapologetically abandon anything that isn’t worth her time. Taking control of her life, James looks back on her decisions, admitting this relationship was “worse than a warm beer.” She is unafraid and fearless, fighting any attempt someone makes to take advantage of her. “Thought it’d be alright with a little bit of time / But let me tell ya you’re the furthest thing from sweet red wine,” James belts, driving her intoxicating voice home with a smoky edge.

Some would think liquor themes in a country song are overdone, but James proves that theory wrong, cleverly finding new ways to embed different types of alcohol in the lyrics. It’s a stunning track drenched in new-age fire with a shot of old-school soul. Some who have found themselves in the same situation as James will find solace in “Must’ve Been Drunk,” offering them 100 proof ways to pick themselves up and look to what’s to come.

“Must’ve Been Drunk” is available now on all streaming platforms! To connect with Chelsey James, follow her on social media @chelseyjamesmusic and visit her website at https://www.chelseyjames.com/!

Watch the official music video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfDMiceSwVE

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