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Single Review: The Jenny Thing “American Canyon”

“The arches fall around me / Still, I am lifted up / When even hope rings empty / Now there is only love,” we’re told in the chorus of The Jenny Thing’s “American Canyon” amidst a flurry of bass and guitar violence in the background that is anything but intimidating. Both lyrically and sonically, the surroundings we find The Jenny Thing in here are quite chaotic, but their focus is anything but.

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They’re tighter than the status quo calls for, and arguably suffocating the beat with a melody as electrifying as it is eclectic in nature. “American Canyon” is more cosmopolitan than its name implies, and the cratering effect of its harmonies could prove devastating to their rivals this year.

Every time I listen to this song, I’m always drawn back to the gallop of the bass as it swings into the percussion and away from the vocal as if to separate the most incendiary parts in the track from each other without shattering the continuity of the music entirely. You can’t describe the instrumental exchange in the chorus as anything other than lusty, but for the most part, I think it’s pretty impressive how well The Jenny Thing were able to utilize self-control here. There’s potential to cut loose with this groove, but they’re leaving that potential up for exploration at their next stage show.


For alternative rock with the clubby pulse you’ve been missing since COVID-19 came crashing through the summer of 2020 like a wrecking ball, The Jenny Thing are the go-to band you need to be following right now. “American Canyon” lays on the gas and gets us amped up for the adrenaline that comes with seeing a rock n’ roll outfit do what no other group of musicians in this business can, and whether you’re a club fiend or not, these vibes are too good to be passed up this July.


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