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Album Review: Barista “Open Sesame Vol 2: Press Rewind”

With shades of Classic rock influences Barista channels the greats in his latest offering Open Sesame Vol. 2: Press Rewind. Containing an abundance of vocal harmonies, lush instrumentation, and elegant key changes this six-song offering is resonant of seventies Americana rock, with a contemporary feel. Barista is a gruff vocalist that utilizes his raspy vocal styling to capture that rock vibe, yet is not afraid to dabble in falsetto as he resolves his lyrical patterns. Coupled with his guest female accompaniments he brings contrast with his dissonance, as the band uplifts the listener with its familiar musicality. The lead track Haze is reminiscent of classic Jackson Browne, with its loose playing and free tempo rock anthem sensitivities. The acoustic guitar and the walking bass create the imagery of driving down the highway and being free. “I lost my way in a desert haze, never looking back to feel the pain”. Other stand-out tracks from Open Sesame Vol. 2: Press Rewind include; Sweet, Statement, and Nothing Left.

As part of a five-part Open Sesame collection, Vol. 2: Press Rewind is a fitting recapitulation of the rock theme which Barista is attempting to portray. A journey of sorts through musical expression which finds Barista exploring many musical themes and ideas. His line-up of professional, mature veteran musicians helps pave the way through this journey as this relaxed style is achieved with the tight playing of this band. The production on Open Sesame Vol. 2: Press Rewind is superlative as Barista brings forth many elements of instrumentation and vocal harmonies. These elements are all magnificently portrayed in the final mix as nothing is lost in a muddle which would be easy to do with this kind of undertaking. A perfect addition to any rock radio format, this is an EP worth cranking up past eleven as you drive down the road, or at your next backyard party.

–Lee Callaghan

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