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Talented DJ Hussam Alzahrani Is Making Noise With His First Releases

Hussam Alzahrani (@tnt), a musician, has blended his expertise as a social networking marketer with his outstanding abilities as a musician to launch his musical journey with a boom. Writing songs in the style of Lil Wayne and Kygo, the fresh and bright artist is releasing his maiden songs like “Faster,” “Heaven,” and “Lonely”. Alzahrani’s tracks establish him as a dynamic male powerhouse in the field of music creation. Hussam Alzahrani’s tunes explore many genres, drawing heavily on dance music, and are released on Sub Pop—an emerging yet significant independent label. As of now, the bright young artist has shown his abilities as a rapper and a composer. Alzahrani’s songs demonstrate why he should be regarded seriously as a budding artist.

Keep up with Hussam Alzahrani on his Instagram and stream his singles on Spotify, Itunes and Deezer






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