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The Mature Single’s Guide to Meeting at a Concert

Find the Perfect Event

Love and music share a lot of similar traits. One of them is that they aren’t age-bound, which makes any venue where music plays perfect to find love. And concerts for mature fans, of course, most of all! While many of the attendees at these concerts are single just like users of passionmature, you’ll have a much better chance of success if you use the concert for your first date rather than flirting with random people. Connecting with mature singles beforehand is easy; you can join a dating site which will help you connect with other singles to find the perfect partner. Unlike the traditional approach, which relies mainly on luck, online dating streamlines the entire process, making it simple to find a compatible match.

According to SeatGeek, 87% of women & 70% of men at concerts are single, making them the perfect location for love! Once you’ve started chatting with someone & get to know them a bit, ask about their musical tastes. After you’ve figured out what kind of music they like, you can bring up the idea of attending a concert together. Most people like multiple types of music, so try to find something that you both enjoy. We’d also recommend choosing an outside concert, if possible, which are slowly coming back after the industry (and people’s love life) suffered heavy hits from the pandemic. This will allow you to step away from the stage, making conversation easier. After all, the point of a date is to get to know each other. If you can’t hear your partner, you won’t be able to hold a conversation!

Forget Your Prejudices

Unfortunately, things you think you know may actually get in the way of a great date! This can apply in many different ways (such as expanding your potential partner pool), but for the sake of this article, the most important one is your music tastes. While it’s preferable that you go to a concert you’d both love to attend, location & scheduling means this isn’t always possible. If that’s the case, you should open your options to new types of music, even if it’s not your preferred genre or something non-conventional within the said genre. For example, if you both are fans of old-school metal, give BABYMETAL’s concert a try. Chances are, you’ll probably have a great time anyway!

Don’t Let the Past Hold You Back

You may have gone on some horrible dates with people you’ve previously met, but that doesn’t mean this date has to go bad. The great thing about being a mature single is that thanks to the experiences you obtained, you’re generally more patient and open-minded, and since there are many different types of people you can meet online, connecting, going on a date, and having an emotional moment at a concert of your favorite band will  be something exceptional once you found “your” person. It doesn’t even have to be music you like. If your partner is amazing, you’re sure to have a great time regardless of the show’s playing, so keep an open mind!

Know How to Accept Defeat

If the date goes bad, don’t be distressed! Online dating connects you with many different singles no matter where you live, so you can always find a new partner if the first one doesn’t work out. Of course, it’s important that you cut things off in a pleasant & polite way by being straightforward, friendly, but honest. Under no circumstances should you “ghost” someone (to “ghost” someone means you simply stop responding to them).

Keep Communicating Online

If the date went back (after cutting things off), it’s back to the drawing board! For fast success, stick to trusted online services. Avoid traditional methods like going to a bar & ordering someone a drink: it doesn’t work for anything other than a one-off. On the other hand, if the date went well, continue to message your sweetheart online! Most dating sites allow you to send text, pictures, & video messages, which means you can keep the romance alive even when you’re apart. Plus, you can start planning your next outing together!

Searching for a perfect partner is always hard. But with an open mind and leaving any prejudices aside, you can achieve success, no matter what your age is. The point always should be to have a good time together. If music creates romantic vibes, your partner enjoys the atmosphere as much as you do, and you are lost in the rhythm and newfound connection – you chose the right concert and the right partner.

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