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Single Review: FaB “Dancing Partner”

Great duos occur once in a while, and FaB seems to be one of those partnerships that the music industry has long been searching for. Composed of Neil Fitzsimon and Bee Brogan, FaB is not just a happenchance duo. The two were part of Sony-licensed indie label Pretty Blue Gun, a critically acclaimed band with two majorly successful album releases and a tour across Europe before the band broke up. Fitzsimon and Brogan, sensing their potential together, decided to form a singer-songwriter duo, with the creative Fitzsimon as the songwriter and guitarist and Brogan being the vocalist and engineer.

This partnership has been widely successful, with both writing songs that have been included in film and even writing a musical, Jack Dagger, that premiered at the Greenwich Theatre in London. Their most popular single, “Girl in a Gilded Cage”, went on to clinch a top 3 position in the Belgian charts.

It is, therefore, unsurprising that the duo has come with an even more thrilling single, Dancing Partner, a seemingly rough but deeply evocative release. The clear, smooth vocals of Bee Brogan reel you into the track, drawing your attention to catchy lyrics like “hatred is just another word for desire” and to her numerous rhetorical questions that pepper the track. The groovy drum beats and the loud guitar contribute to the song’s somewhat organized chaos, nearly drowning the vocals.

Off their most recent album, This Wicked Pantomime, “Dancing Partner” is a song steeped in the derived styles of British invasion boy band The Beatles. FaB is quite similar to the very fruitful partnership that John Lennon and Paul McCartney had. The unique style and uncompromising energy in the track, and the entire album, is what makes the FaB sound such a fascinating listen.

–Kenneth DuJour

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