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The Mysterious Artemis Burr Reveals Debut Track “The Lion’s Heart”

“The Lion’s Heart” is the first single release off Artemis’, Fall Asleep Dreaming by Artemis Burr. New to the alternative scene, Burr writes music that fuels the listener with a sense of power. It’s clear that Burr is a talented, professional vocalist and musician, but aside from his talent, the listener actually doesn’t know much about him.

Burr has chosen to keep his identity anonymous as he releases music from his new project — and there’s definitely something exciting about hearing a story from the perspective of someone that the listener can’t put a face to. However, that anonymity also allows Burr to center the listener as he writes his music. These tracks are truly meant to uplift and excite, as much an experience as they are a song.

This first release tells a tale of self-growth and love. Burr’s voice is gritty and full, racing alongside energetic acoustic instrumentals that an electric guitar gives the perfect dark spin to. Reminiscent of early Imagine Dragons or X Ambassadors, Artemis Burr brings big energy to alternative rock.

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