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Single Review: John Vento “Vices”

John Vento is known as the dynamic frontman of the Nied’s Hotel Band, but with Vices, he’s showing fans a different side of himself. Vices is a poem written by poet and comedian Matt Wohlfarth, reimagined and set to music by Vento and David Granati. A scathing critique of many of the pillars of our culture, Vices doesn’t pull any punches. Wohlfarth’s prose paired with Vento’s dramatic delivery and a cacophony of rhythms and sounds makes for a truly striking listening experience. Add Jim Pitulski to the mix to supply the visuals and you’ve got yourself a true psychedelic masterpiece. The combined result of the meeting of these 4 minds is the Twilight Zone meets film noir all inside of a hazy, dimly lit beat poetry club. Vento is well known for pushing boundaries and it’s safe to say he’s got an instant classic on his hands with this one.

-SB Smith

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