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Single Review: Faizan and Amadeus “Aether”

For an instrumental to really speak to its audience, it more or less has to embody the emotions that would typically be conveyed unto us through lyricism – often times exclusively – and that’s precisely what makes “Aether” from collaborators Faizan and Amadeus such a compelling listen this September. Defined by its vivid strings and textured beat, which in itself contributes to the melodic faceting of the track quite brilliantly, this single-video combo is perhaps the most intriguing song of its kind to hit record store shelves this late summer season, and not on the strength of its post-genre aesthetics alone. 

More on Faizan: https://www.faizanofficial.com/

The violin is a physicality-steeped adornment in “Aether,” but make no mistakes about this track – it’s very much a statement of equilibrium on the part of its composers. No one specific element in the mix steals the thunder here, and although there’s a case to be made that the keys and strings go back and forth in their duel for the lion’s share of our affections, I would argue they work together in creating a vibe of catharsis more than they ever compete with one another. This piece is marked by wonderful fluidity, and that’s never produced amidst an overwhelming sonic backdrop dominated by a race into the ethers. 

Designed for the music enthusiast but wholly accessible to most anyone with a taste for the erudite in songcraft, there’s no denying that “Aether” is one of the smarter tracks I’ve heard in the last couple of months and a genuine boon to the growing discography of Faizan and Amadeus the same. I’m impressed with the chemistry they’ve got in this all-new collaboration, and if it’s something they’re able to replicate in a future studio endeavor together, I’d really love to hear what they can do with additional content – and perhaps an entire LP. 

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