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Single Review: Casely “Rude Boy Summer”

This is specifically for all my party people right now, the opening DJs voice commands on the new track Rude Boy Summer. Out now from Miamis multi-instrumentalist and multi-talented, Casely, the song features Braveboy on vocals, too. Its easy to immerse yourself in the island-like beats and cool breeze bumps, and even easier to be enamored by Caselys toned melodies. A booming music bedrock and a chance to heat up the party, theres no simmering when it comes to Rude Boy Summer.

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Everybody in the place get crazy, Braveboy raps. Based in Trinidad, Braveboys presence is a nice yin-andyang (or morning to evening) to Caselys more melodic vocals. Braveboys voice id deeper and he really starts the song out in the perfect way. Its no coincidence that hes in Trinidad. Caselys parents are from Trinidad and Panama. The smooth transition from Braveboy to Caselys vocals is seamless. Casely, much like Jason Derulo or Prince, is channeling some vintage club bass lines in this track. The beats drop like water. Thump. Thump. Thump. Caselys voice colors the scene with a sensual, but all are welcome dance. Shes so fine, lookin like my wife, we never late, we on time, he sings. I wanna see you all night, even if we only got till sunlight, Casely sings. The chorus, yo, its a hot boy summer, yo, its a rude boy summer, is a quick earworm, especially hovering over the pop-pop-pop rhythm. When Braveboy says the word rude he says it in the island-voice and it just tickles the senses.


Casely and Braveboy also collaborated on the Rude Boy Summer music video. What an escape between the flashy, fire-engine red car, to the bikini-clad women, these guys are living their best lives. Set in different countries Braveboy is in Trinidad and Casely is singing and dancing from Miami. Beach settings, fast cars, women and plenty of blinding lights, Rude Boy Summer acknowledges the idea that DJs have been unable to perform for crowds during the pandemic. Not wanting to feel less connected, Casely hands over the camera and splices in several global DJs playing his music for the last few minutes of the video. Casely directed the video with Michael Mooleedhar.

Rude Boy Summer joins Caselys already impressive discography. His other releases include Never Alone, George, Time Flies, Nena, Midnight Featuring Pitbull, Do What You Want, Sweat Featuring Lil Jon Machel Montano Emotional (Remix) Featuring Flo Rida and more. Hes a classically trained pianist and attended Bostons Berklee School of Music on a full scholarship. What is for certain is that Caselys sound pallet continues to evolve, but his talents are a solid foundation. His rhythm instincts in Rude Boy Summer is untouchable. Hes the guy that can make a throw-back beat sound completely modern and never-before-heardof. He also allows the listener to feel like they arent listening to a computer these beats sound organic and original. As a listener, I never felt like I was listening to something fabricated. I felt like I was experiencing an immersive connection.

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