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Jay Stott Presents The Album ‘Wreckage of Now’

Somewhere in Colorado is a super-creative artist, Jay Stott that has a sound that is firmly rooted in Americana with a prominent influence of classic rock. From a distance, you get the impression of a seasoned, musical genius who knows his way around several instruments. “Wreckage of Now” is Jay’s second album and is one that will keep you glued to your speakers. The first track is the title track, “Wreckage of Now” that is catchy and high tempo. It’s that signature Americana sound that Jay is known for. The influences of rock are there, but you can tell this is a guy that knows his music and his demographics. The crossover is however well tempered that the appeal is broader than expected. “All Night Long” continues the overall mood of the album by telling a story of love and life on a vibrant beat that you can dance to on a Friday night with your neighbors.


One thing you can quickly point out about Jay Stott’s “Wreckage of Now” is the intricate mix of instrumentation that gives you a happy vibe all through the album. The lyrics are blasted out with his ruff southern accent and you can’t help but smile as you go through all the songs on the album. The production is also impeccable with each melody and chord coming across personally.

Jay Stott is a natural storyteller and you can see how he flexes his lyrical prowess in delivering tracks like “Grain Belt Sign” that you can help falling in love with from the first second. The album is diverse in theme, but you can quickly tell that Jay is a romantic at heart. He loves talking about love, life and happy days. The emotional range of the album is also far-reaching, and you come out the other side feeling like you’ve just been in a meeting with friends. Look out for songs like “Electric Guy” and “Dying in Droves” to experience the full gamut of feels that Jay brings to this amazing album.

This is a nice album to have on a weekend to chill with friends and family.


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