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Album Review: Gary Burk III “Show Em What You Got”

Pennsylvania’s own Gary Burk III has returned with his latest full-length project, “Show ‘em What You Got.” The seven tracks show off the best of Burk, with the lead single “Friday Night” channeling a high-octane energy that translates beautifully to the listener. It almost feels as if you are listening to a live performance, with his vocal performance hitting a new high and the guitar riffs having an extra amount of power behind each strum. Another highlight off of the project is easily “You Got Me,” which blends in
modern day pop elements with his country twang to create a confident love song that you could very well hear on the radio in the coming months. His lyrics are heartfelt and the blend of digital production with crisp live recordings is an experiment gone very right for Burk. The last single to be previewed before the album, “Like That,” is an ode to his influences with a core of wanting “a love like that” which has been prevalent in classic country ballads. Burk has a dynamic range that is expertly shown throughout the run time, and 2020 is set to be his biggest year yet!

-Colton Devonshire

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