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Single Review: Rob Equiza – “Nowhere to Run” b/w “When the Rain”

Rob Equiza is a Filipino singer-songwriter from Calbayog City, Samar. Although he has been writing, recording, and producing his own music since 2007, only recently has he made it available on major streaming platforms as of last year. Equiza’s sound was developed through various endeavors, including his home-based alternative folk band Freeradio, and the now-defunct, Manila-based blues/grunge quartet Poor Dead Rats. Through his independent record label, Jam Lemon Records, Equiza releases music, as well as specializes in artist development of up-and-coming talent.

Equiza’s latest single, Nowhere to Run/When the Rain does its part in expanding these influences, which are accentuated by the color tones of the cover art, done by Dalnold Laotingco. I appreciate the progression of the folk-tinged first track, Equiza’s vocal tonality shifting from uncertain ponderings to soaring, passionate pleas. The percussion increases in presence just as well, with each snare striking and defined as the song’s chord sequence subtly becomes more involved. That involvement reaches a peak of sorts, once the lead melodies of Poor Dead Rats guitarist Don Davis Pido enter the mix, which considerably enhances the song’s intensity. On the flip side is “When the Rain,” utilized in a low-key acoustic register, which features guitar and additional songwriting input by Freeradio guitarist Doi Allequir. Its gentle and tender, yet bittersweet feel provides solid closure, ideal for those gray-skied days that emit a possible glimmer of hope. Ultimately, both tracks are understandably somber, each centering around different perspectives of constriction and disenchantment through uniquely contrasting stylistic approaches.

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