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Single Review. Luca Chesney: “Maria, Promise Me The Next Life.”


Luca Chesney’s single “Maria, Promise Me the Next Life,” is like a hypnotic dream come to life. And lucky for fans it drops on April 7th.

Full of experimental sounds, echoes, and repetition Chesney impresses with not just her risk taking, straying from a mainstream popular lane,but more importantly with her vocal talents. Strong and commanding but also ethereal and gentle, listening to Chesney is akin to what one might imagine a spectre to sing like.

Chesney is making a bold splash into the musical waters and while the different sound samples could easily have come off as distracting or as an artist trying too hard to be edgy, Chesney makes it seem effortless and authentic. When she sings “promise me the next life will be sweeter,” one can’t help but feel all the emotion Chesney is conveying.

Not only is the tune dynamic, every single note important in contributing to the alternative masterpiece, but its ability to go to places musically that most artists shy away from makes it wholly irresistible. Simply put it is one of the most interesting songs of 2017. Take a listen and get to experience all the magic that Chesney has to offer.


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