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Hanna Turi’s new dreamy, epic song “Ricochet”

After two critically acclaimed albums she is back with the new single Ricochet. The song features a new sound where the piano rests and trap drums and cinematic electronic soundscapes take the lead. Melancholic yet hopeful. The producer for Ricochet originally created the instrumental for a rapper who declined. But when Hanna Turi got to hear it, she immediately fell in love with the arrangements and both lyrics and melody took shape in short time.
– To me Ricochet is about the painful process of ending something you’ve been putting everything into. When you realize you’re just fighting and not moving forward and the only way to get on with your life is to let go. It’s about honoring what you’ve been through and move on.

It’s grand, emotional pop we’re talking about. This song will take you places. Go and have a listen on Spotify, Soundcloud and Itunes and watch the lyric video on Youtube!

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