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Interview: BLAJK

I had the opportunity to speak with BLAJK at Bestival Toronto in June. They just released their first EP and recently came off their Canadian tour with Young Empires.

You guys just played the main stage here at Bestival, how was it playing your first festival?

BLAJK: I think words cannot describe our feelings. We’re pretty stoked, it was a lot of fun. We’ve never done it before. Even a stage that size. Today was amazing, we’re ready to do it again! I wish we could’ve played longer, but that’s alright. Next time!

Who are you guys excited to see here at Bestival today?

BLAJK: We just saw Harmony, who’s our good friend. We caught a bit of that and then we’re hoping to see Pusher after this. For tonight obviously Grimes and The Cure are going to be awesome. The Wombats are playing right now and they’re loud as hell!  It will be the soundtrack to this interview.

Blajk at Bestival
BLAJK performing at Bestival Toronto

People go to concerts and festivals like Bestival to discover new music. How do you discover new music?

BLAJK: Blogs. I think thats a big one for us. We also listen to a lot of older music too like a lot of 70’s funk and actually Tom’s got us all on that train. But yeah blogs primarily.

Are there any artists that you recently discovered that you would recommend we check out?

BLAJK: Psychic Mirrors, they’re dope. Our good friend Ralph from Toronto. She’s a killer singer/songwriter. She’s awesome.

You guys just came off your tour with Young Empires, touring outside of Ontario. How was it different from playing hometown Toronto shows?

BLAJK: Nobody knows who you are that’s for one! It is nice though, just playing a new show every night in a different city is a lot of fun. Especially the West coast, a lot of people turned up to those ones. Good vibes but a different crowd every night. Getting to meet all the people that come out to the shows as well, you go hangout at the merch table to meet everybody and it’s just really cool. Getting to explore the cities too was quite incredible. I mean we’ve never been on tour before, I mean we did a little Ontario tour with Young Empires but getting out to see the country was really cool. It’s nice to do it with your buds.

I’m loving your single “Good Liars”. Whats the story behind that song?

BLAJK: We wrote the music first and it was kicking around in the bank for a while. We didn’t really know if we were going to use it or not and then when we started writing the words, Jordan came up with the idea of the transparency of social media and how things aren’t always as they seem. The transparency in people in general, not just your friends. Its about everyone you know. It happened pretty quickly once we started writing it.

What’s next for you in 2016?

BLAJK: We are releasing our EP this month and we’re hoping to do some touring in the fall and then make another EP!

Check out BLAJK’s new EP Limited.


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