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BEANSIDHE stream new track at Transcending Obscurity

Swiss metal band BEANSIDHE have teamed up with Transcending Obscurity to reveal their new track “Febraar”, which is taken from their new album Mont which will be released on Via Nocturna this summer.

Transcending Obscurity said about the track “while the core of Beansidhe’s music is death metal there’s a lot more happening here that pulls in elements of just about every other metal sub-genre. Throughout the almost seven minute run time the instrumentalists provide plenty of twists and turns, with the earlier riffs sounding like a cross between melodic death metal circa the 90s and Greek black metal.  With slower, methodical instrumentation and melodies that have a noticeably epic flair to them, it’s not hard to draw comparisons to bands like Rotting Christ.”

Listen to “Febraar” here.

Pre-order Mont here.

Established in 1999, Switzerland’s BEANSIDHE has delivered in 2016 its third manifestation – “Mónt”. The  album is a dedication to the païsans who inhabited our mountains centuries ago. The lyrics – sang in our typical dialect – explore the inner feelings of solitary men, touch on the wonders of nature, and deal with concepts of man’s spiritual elevation to deity. “Mónt” is a long step forward from the previous works of the band, which while being musically valid probably lacked originality and self-awareness. Beansidhe has in the past few years dedicated itself almost exclusively to the creative side of making music, while specifically disregarding live shows. It is the opinion of the individuals behind Beansidhe that their music is better appreciated in a quiet setting and in deep reverie.


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