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Wine Nights.

The new EP from Titus G. Productions, Wine Nights, is definitely something to bask in. This release is six straight tracks of relaxation, putting you in a trance that is indeed perfect for a night at home with your own bottle of wine or two.

This EP flows together as if it’s all one, long song, which is to me what signifies a coherent, well-thought out production. Though these tracks are perfect for a study session or a nice dip in a hot tub, they have a versatility that could transform to an essential part in any party mix.

It all starts with “Sweet Red”—a song full of light and airy beats that are what I assume it would sound like to live inside of a tree trunk if I were one of the characters in Alice in Wonderland. This starts off the EP in it’s quest to deliver songs that are both in a family of familiar music, while sounding like something new I have not heard before. At the end of the song comes its seamless transition to “Complacent,” which is anything but it’s title. Complacency has no use in this song, with production that quickly, but smoothly moves from fast to slower tempos, it is a roller coaster that is somehow invigorating and calming.

Following that we get “Limelight,” a slight change in pace that I sort of wish was a soundtrack for a really cool arcade in a hole-in-the-wall bar in New Jersey, or something. This track brings a more synth-y vibe to the EP and works well to balance the slower style of its preceding songs. “Limelight” marks a change in the set to a faster pace, which is continued by “Sly Fox.” This song has you feeling great while you are on your second glass of wine, really getting into the depth of the EP. I can imagine falling asleep to this song and having a dream that I was walking on the moon or up in the sky laying in a bed of clouds.

The two bonus tracks are just as essential as the other four before them. Both of them give off vibes of church bells with a twist, calling you to a spirituality you didn’t know you had. This leaves the EP in a slightly confusing way, but makes the listener all the more anxious to hear more from Titus G. Productions in the future.

Each song on Wine Nights makes you want to get up and dance, but not before you finish that glass—or bottle—of win in your hand.

Check out the brand new EP from Titus G. Productions.

Long Days…#Wine Nights.

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