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JSPH Relsease Video For “Forever”

Fresh out of law school, Joseph Nevels whose stage name is JSPH signed an Administrative Deal with Heyday Media Group and will release his debut project called Rest.  Heyday is a music publishing and administration company based in Los Angeles, California. They currently have only 25 artists nationwide signed to their roster and are very selective about clientele.

Rest is the first of 3 EP’s, which Nevels will release approximately 2 months apart. The other two are “Rule” and “Abide”. Rest, Rule and Abide are part of a benediction his father (who is a pastor) recited when he was a child. Nevels released a video for the first song from the project called “Forever”, under his alias JSPH on YouTube.

Nevels is excited about signing and the release of the project, “I’m honoured to be a part of a team full of quality musicians and quality people. Not only are they successful as a company but they care a lot about their artist along with the community which is evidenced through their charity work.” Some of the companies’ recent media placements include Sons of Anarchy, CSI New York and Miami, Keeping up With The Kardashian’s and American Pie, The Book of Love. In addition Heyday has a program called PATH, which their artist/writers participate in as way of giving back to much needed causes within communities and around the world through music.

Nevels earned his Juris Doctorate at Northern Kentucky University Chase College of Law where he focused on entertainment and contract law. He was a former football standout in Northern Kentucky. As a redshirt freshman at the University of Kentucky, Nevels was injured and forced to stop playing due to concussions. He then went to Florida International University in Miami and eventually made his way back to his roots for law school which he says has helped him with his music career, “Being able to understand how things work from a business side is just as important as being able to produce from the creative side. I still have a lot to learn in this industry but law school has given me a good foundation.”

When asked about what he expects to achieve from his debut project, he said: “I put my heart and soul into this project and I hope anyone it reaches can feel this.” Rest is set to release on November 17th via iTunes.

The content and beautiful melodies featured on Rest will appeal to individuals looking for music that’s authentic, stirring, and easy to listen to. For music videos and further information about Rest, visit: http://www.josephnevels.com/.

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