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Interview With Major D-Star

Detroit-bred, Miami-based rapper Major D-Star presents the Ball Out Boy-directed music video for his new Kidd Play-produced single “Stuck Up”. Hosted by DJ 5150 and presented by the late Slim Dunkin, I’m So Major 2 is the followup to the first volume of the ISMseries (listen on LiveMixtapes). Major has shared stages with Wiz Khalifa, Twista, Mystikal and Big Sean, and has appeared on a slew of mixtapes, among them Trap Files (listen) and Star Status (listen). I’m So Major 2 is coming soon.

The Interview:

What is the situation in your hometown of Detroit these days as opposed to say, five years ago? Bankruptcy. We became the largest U.S. city to enter bankruptcy the year of 2013. A lot of my city is abandoned and people are unemployed but we’re hustlers. We make something out of nothing. It just runs in our blood. That’s why I’m hardly ever home. I’m on the road putting on to bring it right back. I want to be able to give back to my city as much as I possibly can.

What’s it like being a Detroit artist residing in Miami? It feels good. Just to make it this far is a blessing. People show love everywhere I go, all over Florida and across the globe.

What do you think sets you apart from all the other rappers in the game today? I think that what sets me apart from all these other rappers would just be my whole persona. I don’t do nor speak on anything unless it’s MAJOR or beneficial. I try to move like a MAJOR would move. I make music for all ages and ethnicities. You can tell by my sound and my image. I feel as if it’s unique. On top of that I’m doing it all on the indie grind but in a MAJOR way. I’m in the galaxy with the stars while they still looking up. I’ll never fall.

What’s the first hiphop song you ever heard? What was the moment you decided you wanted to rap? It was so long ago that I can’t really call it but I can say that the first hip hop song I ever sung and bobbed my head to was “Hypnotize” by Notorious B.I.G. That was the very moment when I first had a feeling that I could try to rhyme. Which of course didn’t work out well until a few years later at the age of six when I put together my very first rap verbally.

Do you think lyrics are important in hiphop today? Yes, I think lyrics are important in Hip hop today. No, you don’t have to be completely lyrical like a Eminem, Rakim or Tech-N9ne but you do need to have some type of lyrical content within your music. I feel like you should at least have some bars/punch lines here and there to make it interesting for people who like lyrical music.

How are you preparing for the release of your next mixtape I’m So Major 2I’m preparing for the release of my next mixtape “I’m So Major 2,” by doing MAJOR promo for the singles. I will be dropping videos for every single one of them to take over the net and the streets. Every MAJOR blog site, mixtape site, hip hop site, magazine, radio station, television network, you name it. We are also preparing to do a tour. It’s my most anticipated project sure to be my best mixtape project yet. It is presented by my angel Rio a.k.a. “Slim Dunkin”, now fully dedicated to him and is set to drop the year of 2015. I’m taking my time to put in the MAJOR grind for this one, my blood, sweat and tears. I promise it will be worth the wait. Once it drops you’ll know it!

2014 is the first year in the RIAA’s history that there have been no platinum-selling albums. How do you feel about that as an artist in today’s industry? Very disappointed.

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