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Chance Blair’s Jersey Girl

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As the nation’s capital continues to make its mark on the music scene, the talents of young musician, Chance Blair, stand on their own. The 23 year old Morehouse student was raised in Washington, DC and has harnessed his musical talents from an early age. On and off the stage, the young actor and performer was never one to shy away from his natural ability to entertain. Chance battled a few demons and circumstances throughout his entire life, including the loss of his mother in high school. He kept a lot of his emotions private, but he threw everything into his music. Chance, like a modern day philosopher, has a knack for analyzing the truth in people and situations, allowing him to soak up his environment and use it to create a unique sound in his music. Chance’s music career can be called a coming of age story, each project more honest than the last as he continues to share his life, experiences and philosophies over smooth, electronic beats.

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