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City of the Weak Interview

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What’s a typical day on tour like for City of the Weak? We wake up feelin like P.Diddy, search for food, roll up to the venue in our swag wagon, and set up our shanty-town until we get on stage. After we get off stage, we like to party it up with our fans and friends. Rock n roll all night & party every day.

What’s a typical day in general for City of the Weak? Usually get woken up by a call from our bestie Justin Bieber, hang with our bus driver Tom Cruise, and then fly our private jet to Dubai…..

What is your favorite city to play in? Gross, Nebraska. We get the whole town of 6 to come out… just kidding. But for real, there’s a ton of great places, but we’d have to say…. Grand Junction, CO @ Mesa Theatre. We were taken care of so well by the owner and staff, the fans were lined up for hours outside. It was nuts, and it was on a Monday night. So rad.

What is the #1 band you want to perform with? Everyone has their own preference on this one, but we can all agree on Joan Jett, she’s a badass.

Now that you have 2 albums under your belt, what is next? TOUR! The reason why we do what we do. Who doesn’t LOVE venturing out into the world and meeting all those people that make your living worthwhile? AND we may or may not have a music video for “Just Another Eulogy” in the works…

Where can we find your music? We for sale and streaming on most digital online retailers, iTunes, Amazon mp3, Google Play, Spotify, etc. We also have physical copies of our records available on our online webstore: cityoftheweak.bigcartel.com

What motivates you to write and perform music? Nothing specific, it’s just what we do. We were born for this. And we love it.

How does City of the Weak write their songs? Someone comes with a riff, and we all put our touches on it. We throw ideas back and forth until something is so undeniable that we would be stupid to throw it out.

Best song to perform live and why? White Fire Alarm because everyone knows all the words! Sometimes it gets pretty nuts…

We hear you guys got a new van for the tour! How did that happen and are you gonna just stay on the road all year now? We would love to live on the road year-round!! We are launching an IndieGoGo this week so we can pay for a van, the expenses for the Sprinter Van we want are tremendous. Stay tuned for it! We need all the help we can get!

Are there plans for a new music video from the Disclosure Ep? Yes! Just Another Eulogy will be out the first week of November, and then we will follow up with another music video from the record sometime next year.

You have developed a real chore following. Are your fans all different ages and from all over the place? Yes! We have toured the majority of the nation so we have lots of fans from Florida, New York, LA, and beyond. We also get a lot of international orders on our merch store, I think a great deal of our merch gets shipped overseas to the UK & Japan. I can’t imagine touring overseas! If they are ordering lots of merch from our store now, those people would go nuts if we came there in person!

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