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Type Of Way (Freestyle)

If you haven’t heard of J Fletcha you certainly don’t want to be the last to. Jamaal Fletcher is definitely on the come up and ready for his hard work to pay off with success. He hails from a small town deep in the Bayou’s of Louisiana right outside of …

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Secret Agent Man-with David Ike

Reality World Dub Mix by ESO (Electric Space Opera) and Produced by Dj Om Daddy, with the famous words of JFK just before he was taken out for wanting to keep humanity free and because he actually believed in the Constitution and Bill or Rights, unlike the paid for politicians …

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Briana Brandy – Ode to Failure

Causing a storm in the desert of Arizona is Briana Brandy, the 22 year old hip- POP artist has been making her own way in the music industry and is blowing audiences away with every show. Her music is motivational and captivating for anyone young or old! This alluring video …

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Leon Rock- What Can You Do?

Leon Coles is the alter ego of the over 10 year run of the flashy rapper music that this artist (under a different stage name) has pursed in his career. This the music video to “What Can You Do?” which is the first official single from Leon Rock’s album “Unformal” …

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