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Janna Pelle – One Day At A Time

“I was grateful for what I could do now, not disappointed for what I could no longer do.”

These were the words, spoken by her dad before his death from rare blood cancer MDS, that inspired Janna Pelle to film and create her new video for “One Day At A Time”.

One Day At A Time is the new single from Miami-born Brooklyn-based songstress Janna Pelle, off of her acclaimed Key Change LP which charted the evolution of keyboard-based instruments through each song of the album.

In the video: An elderly woman, in a state of peaceful concentration performs difficult yoga inspired poses and contortions. Her scenes soon give way to scenes of a younger woman, performing professional level ballet in a park. Their scenes intertwine and weave a spell of beauty and mystery, and perhaps bring us to confront the passage of time, and truly be grateful for what can do now.

While the subject matter may call for a piano ballad, the music is an uptempo, piano pop song, with clever key changes and a persevering melody.

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