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Catie Turner shares official music video for “I Don’t Know” from new EP out today

Today, acclaimed singer-songwriter Catie Turner releases Comedy & Tragedy: Act 2, the follow-up EP to her June release Comedy & Tragedy: Act 1. The finale of a two-part collection of songs and visuals, Comedy & Tragedy: Act 2, is accompanied by a music video for “I Don’t Know.”

The six-track EP shows Turner at her most vulnerable, navigating the complexity of life after grief and learning how to grow from it. The project’s opener, “Exist,” captures this perfectly – a quiet, instrumental start serves as a backdrop for reflecting on the past and quickly grows into a powerful anthem about persevering despite everything. Throughout the EP, Turner tackles the seemingly impossible task of articulating the ins and outs of mental health with ease through her boldly personal, confessional songwriting. Tracks such as “Empty” and “What If” give listeners an unfiltered look into her anxieties and doubts through ballads, while rock-leaning “Someone That I’m Afraid Of” sonically captures the experience of being almost painfully self-aware.

On the EP, Catie shares, “Act 2 is similar to its predecessor in its introspection & topics surrounding my mental health, but with bigger, more anthemic choruses that serve as a release during my period of grief and solitude. There’s anger and vulnerability that is stained with confoundment, but also, there is levity and self awareness that make it to the top. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it!”

Directed by Joe Desantis, the music video for “I Don’t Know” is the last chapter of Comedy & Tragedy: The Musical: The Series, preceded by “Someone That I’m Afraid Of,” “Hometown,” and “Hyperfixations.” Turner, dressed in a gown, wanders through an abandoned scene as her mind reels, “I don’t know what’s real or idealization, I don’t know anything.” As she reaches the peak of her spiraling, familiar faces come to her rescue. The video’s conclusion serves as a reminder that despite uncertainty, there will be a fairy-tale ending.

“‘I Don’t Know’ is about the 3 am thought spiral I had about love & relationships,” explains Turner. “Do I love them, or do I love the idea? Can I selflessly love another being, and if so, how do you do that? How do I know if I’ve done it? You get the idea. The answer to all these questions: I don’t know. I don’t know anything.”

Listen to Catie Turner’s new EP Comedy & Tragedy: Act 2 – HERE.

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