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Drew Ryder Smith EP: Track By Track

Award-winning songwriter Drew Ryder Smith recently released his debut EP as a solo artist, and we must say, it’s downright impressive. Check out the this track by track review of all seven songs below:

Exes: https://youtu.be/QArHZt_u49I

In Smith’s song “Exes” he describes the feeling of still loving someone that you can’t be with anymore. “Exes” is deep and raw. Smith describes his feelings for his ex and how he never thought they’d not be together anymore, “We talk about it, cry it out, and say it’s better off this way. Call me bitter but I don’t think it’s better off this way,” a verse that many fans can relate to.

The Bottom of It: https://youtu.be/HeAHyMNV_rc

Unlike the other three songs, “Exes,” “Don’t Wake Me Up,” and “Calling Me Back,” – “The Bottom of It” is a more uplifting and groovier tune. Smith reminds his listeners to enjoy and embrace every opportunity they can because life is what you make of it. The exciting and rather catchy song will leave listeners smiling and tapping their feet along with the melody.

Damn Babe: https://youtu.be/ge6eRU-xeJU

Smith’s song “Damn Babe” is another one of the more upbeat songs on the EP. The meaning behind the words damn babe can be interpreted as damn you don’t care about this or us. It can be interpreted in many ways which is why I think the song is so great, it leaves the audience making their own opinions.

Free: https://youtu.be/eNHtaj-2Keg

Smith’s song “Free,” represents your partner leaving you for what they think is superficially better. Smith’s words on this track represent how money can’t buy happiness, it’s free and that’s all he can give. I think he did a great job making a dark topic into something positive and catchy.

Calling Me Back: https://youtu.be/nqp64kmyWaE

Staying on the theme of heartbreak, Smith’s “Calling Me Back” elegantly describes the memories that once were. Co-Written by Logan Wall and Jason Sever, the three artists capture the gut-wrenching feeling of sorrow and remorse that comes with heartbreak.

Don’t Wake Me Up: https://youtu.be/5jvSn3K69ic

Smith’s “Don’t Wake Me Up” tags along with Smith’s theme of sadness and heartbreak. Smith describes something that anyone that’s gone through a heartbreak of any sort can relate to. The song represents the difficulties of a relationship as Smith begs to be left alone in the dark but realizes he cannot live without the sun.

The Truth: https://youtu.be/7d7VrwmyfkI

As said in an interview with Jamsphere, Smith says that his song “The Truth” details a lot of the adversity he has had in his lifetime. It is a beautifully written and raw song that speaks about the battles of who you want to be versus who you are. The song describes the thought of ‘how someone could love me even though I’ve broken all the commandments, and if you knew who I was you would have left.’

Take a listen to the full Drew Ryder Smith EP, available on all streaming platforms: https://ffm.to/drewrydersmith-ep

And follow DRS on social media @drewrydersmith.

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