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Single Review: Tia McGraff “Sometimes Love’s Like That”

When it comes to writing sentimental but still deeply personal music, not many shine as much within the Americana and Country genre as much as Tia McGraff. Her music isn’t simply saccharine, but also tends to lean towards more personal ideas and experiences that lend a lot to establishing a genuine tone, and this permeates a lot of her music. Her latest single, “Sometimes Love’s Like That,” is another solid example of this, and we’re eager to put it through its paces in our full review.

As one would expect, “Sometimes Love’s Like That” is a soft and sweet song that touches on the topics of love and melancholic nostalgia for fond times that have passed. Tia specializes in making music that’s soft and sentimental and she has a complete grasp over this strength. Her ability as a musical story-teller makes her stand out from her peers, and this comes across perfectly in  “Sometimes Love’s Like That.”

The song is all about reliving old love and the sweet memories that come with it. It’s a feeling just about anyone can relate to, though Tia does a phenomenal job layering this to make it complex. We’re impressed because it’s generally a quite difficult topic to approach, and being able to tackle it so well is the mark of a great songwriter. Between pained expressions of longing and deeper feelings of being grateful for good memories, it’s a fantastically written song.

Musically, what captures our attention the most regarding the single is the dreamlike atmosphere that really sets it apart from Tia’s usual work. While it’s still deeply sad, there’s a certain nostalgic sense to it that really comes through in the background instrumentals. Piano keys chirp in during the mix, adding a lot of sentimental atmosphere to the song, and we enjoyed it quite a bit.

While the production is kept simple, this isn’t at all a slight towards the song. On the contrary, the simplicity of the production enhances the atmosphere and the mood of the song, elevating it further and really making it something special. There’s a certain grounded feeling to the song that keeps it sounding sincere, and the production and mixing are a big part of this.

“Sometimes Love’s Like That” is simply more proof of Tia’s exceptional skill as a musician, and it’s a must listen if you’re a fan of this softer style of Americana. We’re eager to see more from Tia in the future, she’s an incredibly promising talent with a solid body of work, and we can’t wait to see where she goes from here.

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