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Single Review: Richard Lynch “Thankful, Grateful & Blessed”

Sometimes, it’s good to take a step back from whatever you’re doing, and to be grateful for the things you have. This is what makes up the inspiration for Country music star Richard Lynch’s latest single, “Thankful, Grateful And Blessed.” It’s a good ol’ fashioned slice of Americana that’s all about being grateful for all the things that the Lord has given to him in his life, but how does it hold up in our full review?

The single takes the style of rock’n’roll country music that Richard Lynch is most known for, utilizing it to spin a fond tale of all the things he’s grateful for in life. It’s an honest, feel good song that’s fun, energetic and positive in the way that Richard Lynch does best, where every beat and note contributes to the joyful theme. There’s a certain warmth to the instrumentals that do a lot to enhance the song’s welcoming, happy atmosphere.

Richard paints a vivid image of his life and all the things he’s grateful for, all of it written in a way that’s down to Earth and personable. Just about anyone can listen to this song and understand where it’s coming from. It’s brought to life with some fun and bright instrumentals that liven up the tune and give it a lovely, comfortable atmosphere. We’re big fans of how well it all works out, and we love the way the notes bend around the feelings the song presents.

Paired with clever songwriting and a loving fondness for life, “Thankful, Grateful And Blessed” is a treat for any fan of rock’n roll music. It’s a celebration of the man’s life, and as such the music matches that energy effortlessly. You can tell quite a bit of love and care went into every single portion of this piece, and we found every bit of it endearing and enjoyable. There’s almost a sense of nostalgia to the entire package, and it’s all the better for it.

Richard Lynch continues with his excellent work, not disappointing with his new single. “Thankful, Grateful And Blessed” is an excellent showing of his musical prowess, and it’s a highlight single for him by far. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of Americana and Country music, we’d recommend giving “Thankful, Grateful And Blessed” a listen. The values and writing of the song are a universal constant, and there’s a lot to love here.




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