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Single Review: Bosco – “Lady Laces”

When it comes to making a modern pop/rock piece, everything tends to start and end with a quality melody, and listening to the new single “Lady Laces” by Bosco, it’s hard to deny such a fact. Right from the second we hit the play button forward, the thrust of the bass and the guitar parts are present and influencing the mood of the music. Bosco wants us to feel the textures of the melodic undertow in this piece, but more than this, he wants to send a pulse from his heart to ours the only way he knows how – through the tenacity of a vicious low-end tone.

True, there’s a lot of physicality to grapple with in “Lady Laces,” but I would be a straight-up liar if I said that it didn’t have quite the sensuous effect over how I interpret the meaning in this piece.



None of the beefiness on the instrumental side of the music is without purpose; after all, if you think striking up a moody groove as entrancing as this one without a careful hand is possible, you don’t know much about composing and recording. Even when it’s flexing, this is a single that has substance to share with its audience.

There’s been a lot of fun moments with Bosco’s career in the past few months, but I think that with “Lady Laces” he solidifies himself as the kind of musician we need in the North American underground at the moment beyond question. His attitude is adventurous and exciting, and while it might not have a place in the mainstream right now, I think this is what will ultimately win him a lot of critical credibility in the next chapter of his story. I’ll be sticking around for more, and I think anyone who jams to “Lady Laces” will understand why so many who follow smart alternative rock have been impressed with what he has to say.

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