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Single Review: “It’s All Good” Neon Dreams

Melodically more potent than anything else this band has produced before now, Neon Dreams’ “It’s All Good” isn’t just a new single – it’s a statement about what this act wants to be known for and, perhaps even more importantly, what they’re going to do to get our attention. So much has been made of their experimental edge over the past couple of months as the buzz surrounding their music has only grown stronger with each release, but with the arrival of “It’s All Good” it’s made known to us how willing they are to press the envelope – even if it means leaving some of their like-minded contemporaries in the dust.

The music video for this song was intriguing to me right from the start, but it’s not being overstated to us in a way that makes me feel like the band spent as much time making it as they did the source material.



Conversely, there’s something rather stacked about this arrangement that tells me Neon Dreams were ironing out the way they wanted to present “It’s All Good” even up until the release date, with their collective ear for perfection preventing even the most minute of negative elements from coming into focus.

As anyone who follows my writing is aware by now, I’ve been more than a little impressed with what Neon Dreams has been recording in recent times, and although they’re still growing a lot as both a unit and as a force to be reckoned with beside a lot of other talented underground acts at the moment, this is where they need to be in September 2022 – and anyone who listens to “It’s All Good” is probably going to understand my sentiments. This is an impasse for their time together as a group, and it’s resulting in their tightest work so far.


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