By Ryan Archer

Nate DiRuzza‘s newest single “Madness” is due out on all major streaming platforms June 9th and it tells a story many people are all too familiar with. The madness stems from a relationship. A real whirlwind that Nate has never been swept up in before. DiRuzza croons a message to his new found love in the opening lines singing: “I’ve got to be honest baby, you’ve driven me past crazy. I’m here without you and I know you’re mine but I’ve never felt pain so right.” The pain of being without his love is of course hurting him but it feels like the exact emotion that should be hitting him. A relationship without longing for connection is not one built to last. A mix of vulnerability and puppy dog-esque love come together in “Madness” to paint a portrait of DiRuzza’s heart and mind while in this relationship.

“I started seeing this girl, and for the first time in years I really fell hard. She drove me crazy because I was always thinking about her,” confesses the folk rock-n-pop artist. “One night, I was really excited to see her, but she didn’t feel like seeing me. It felt like she was breaking my heart, though we were fine and still in a ‘loving’ relationship. Past girlfriends would be upset if I couldn’t hang out, this girl couldn’t seem to care less. So that night I was up really late and wrote this song.”

One of the greatest ways to process complex emotion is through song writing. Coming out of a draining experience can be difficult but immediately putting those emotions down on paper can be one of the most rewarding feelings. DiRuzza found this out when his new single came flowing out late at night. It was not complete yet, as that would not happen until hitting the studio, but it still felt like a clear and fully realized vision. After having the lyrics and sound of the song pinned down DiRuzza filled it out with a full band. “Madness” has a throwback quality to it. DiRuzza’s acoustic guitar playing accentuates the rhythm laid down by his shimmering electric chords. “Madness” glides at a late night dreamy pace that perfectly captures the situation and emotional state DiRuzza wrote it under.