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Single Review: “The One That Got Away” The High Plains Drifters

In “The One That Got Away,” The High Plains Drifters come into a swinging groove with the kind of intensity you would expect from two prospective loves on a dancefloor, but while moxie is one of the main ingredients in their sonic recipe, overindulgence is not an element listeners are going to encounter in this all-new single and video. For those who are unfamiliar with this band, there’s little that The High Plains Drifters won’t do when questing towards a potent narrative, and from this specific perspective, you could definitely say that “The One That Got Away” falls in line with everything else they’ve recorded to date.

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The neon hue over the lyric video for this track matches the theme of the music perfectly, but I would note that there isn’t as much camp here as I had anticipated coming into this review. While indulgence isn’t a factor in this release, there’s certainly a lot of pomp to the lead vocal and its relationship with the groove, which ends up becoming one of the greatest points of incendiary charm in “The One That Got Away.” Flamboyance doesn’t get utilized enough in modern pop, and anyone who listens to this single and then examines the competition is likely to share my opinion.



I had only listened to The High Plains Drifters a few times before getting into this new track, but I can understand and appreciate why their brand gets the kind of love from the press that it does. This is a buoyant, defiantly emotional strain of pop music that asks for us to believe in post-punkisms only to the extent of enjoying the crude experimentation of the arrangement here, and for those of us who have been wanting something a little more adult in pop lately, this really is as good as it gets.


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