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Taleen Kali releases new single, “Flower of Life”

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Taleen Kali is back with “Flower of Life,” the titular single for her upcoming debut solo album. This single follows her sophomore EP release, Songs for Meditation, an impromptu sound bath, which was put out late last year and continues to receive critical praise. Considering her approach as a whole, Kali’s penchant for riot grrrl-inspired riffs and shoegaze textures is an essential draw when factored into her and her band’s expansion thus far.

“Flower of Life” launches into a punky up-tempo foundation, complemented by a whirlwind of reverb and overdriven mass of guitars. The functionality of the chemistry between band members is what gives this combination an impressive sense of clarity, where nuances in the both the rhythm and lead components are both understood and enjoyable. Kali’s smooth, bright vocal delivery is refreshing, and functions as the piece that solidifies this involvement. Considering what Kali and company have done up to this point, there is serious potential here for how this approach would translate in a full-length setting.

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