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Bramses Xalyxys Drops His Fantasy-Filled EP, “Mysterious Warrior”

Bramses Xalyxys, a scriptwriter and musician, takes music aficionados on a cosmic journey with his latest EP, “Mysterious Warrior,” which is now available on all the major streaming platforms. The EP is his attempt to turn music into an audiobook. Listeners can empathize with the characters and their circumstances in “Mysterious Warrior.” The EP includes a mini-series delivered entirely through sound, which amuses and provides a spectacular universe brimming with adventure. It also features a collector’s edition image of the protagonist and planet Vortuxs. Additionally, the EP will have antagonists, nasty bosses, and series villains. It’s a three-part EP and one character will be the primary focus of each album. The story of “Mysterious Warrior” centers on an army of dragon wolves called Jagred and Jaet, the planet’s first leader. Jaet wishes to meet the other half of dragon wolves in order to complete “T.A.O.T.B.D.W.” The Vortuxs leader’s primary objectives are to defend his planet, honor his ancestors’ heritage, and ascertain the identity of the planet’s creator. “Mysterious Warrior” intrigues and captivates listeners with its interesting characters and storylines. 


Bramses Xalyxys is an internationally known composer, arranger, songwriter, and screenwriter who crafts his own music and screenplays. The gifted singer plans to develop mini-series based on his musical endeavors. His abilities in both cinematography and music enabled him to bring a distinct cinematic viewpoint to the world of music. He is dedicated to introducing his listeners to previously undiscovered galaxy realms overflowing with adventure, intrigue, and upheaval. His most recent EP, “Mysterious Warrior,” is devoted exclusively to the characters and their stories. Bramses Xalyxys took his name from one of his evil creations. He created and illustrated the character “Mysterious Warrior” in collaboration with pioneering video game studio “Kevuru Games.” His music is influenced by a wide variety of rock and metal genres, as well as pop voices and electronic dance music sounds. Music, according to Bramses Xalyxys, is a creative process. 


Listen to “Mysterious Warrior” on Spotify and YouTube. Follow Bramses Xalyxys on his Instagram for more information on his upcoming projects.

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