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Interview: Josey

We have Josey in the house today. How are you doing?

Hi!! I’m Happy to be here, I’m doing alright!

Okay tell us something about yourself that might surprise us! 

I lived in Germany for half a year! I studied abroad my senior year of college and it was the best decision ever!

What has 2022 been like for you so far? We love your voice, such a talent. Do you have plans for any new releases this year? 

 2022 has been interesting, feeling like a year of recovery and coming back for me! The year feels slow right now but i;m excited to see how things pick up! Thank you so much! Yes my goal is to release some new music for the late summer/ fall! 

How long have you been in the music industry?

I’ve been actively chasing this dream since I was like 11/12 but like actually in the music industry… I would probably say 2016/2017 and then i released my first single in 2019!

If we were riding along in your car right now – who would be playing through the speakers?

ohh that’s a good question, Honestly right now i’ve been bumpin to the new Maren Morris record, Love her!

Let everyone know where to connect with you and listen to your music. 

Yasss hi besties you can stream and follow me on spotify here 


My website with updates on shows and events and merch coming soon!




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