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Interview: Caroline McQuaig

We have Caroline McQuaig in the house today. How are you doing?

I’m doing great, thank you so much for having me!

Okay tell us something about yourself that might surprise us! 

Well after about 5 minutes with me you could probably guess this one, but I was a musical theatre major in college. The theatre kid to singer songwriter girlie pipeline is real!

You have a new release coming out – tell us all about it. Did you write it? If you did, what was that process like?

Yes! The single is called “Main Character,” and the writing process for this one was really unique. I had never written a song in the studio before and I wanted to see what forming the song alongside the production of it could teach me. So I posted a few Instagram stories asking my followers to basically choose their own songwriting adventure and that’s what I brought to the studio to write from. From there, my producer, Wilson Harwood (Elevated Music), started helping me build the structure and vibe of the song. My oftentimes collaborator and good friend, Sophia DeLeo, helped me smooth out the chorus into something catchy, and my band mate, Quenton Ellis (keys), came up with the bridge part in a rehearsal one day. It was really interesting to write in the studio, then take the song out onstage with my band- Brooke Trumm (drums), Jason Liebson (bass), Jeffrey Penton Jr. (lead guitar), and Ian Morel (rhythm guitar)- because the band really brought it to life. The energetic conversation between all of us onstage and the audience helped us find exactly what got everyone dancing, and that was maybe my favorite part of the process. With that information we were able to finish recording, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. For a song about being the main character, we really needed a whole ensemble. 

How long have you been in the music industry?

The music industry is fairly new for me, but I’ve been singing and writing for as long as I can remember. I made the jump from theatre to music in 2018 with the start of my concert series, Siren Songs, and in 2020 I put out my first EP. 

If we were riding along in your car right now – who would be playing through the speakers?

My friend’s music! This week I’ve been rocking with Strawberry Launch quite a bit. 

Let everyone know where to connect with you and listen to your music. 

You can find me on Instagram and Tiktok @carolinemcquaig and stream my music wherever you listen!

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