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Alias Wayne Releases ‘Chaperon’

Every once in a while, a single comes along that makes you ask, ‘Why hasn’t someone else thought of this?” “Chaperon” by Alias Wayne is just such an ‘it’s-about-time’ idea. In it, the guy wants to get into a girl’s life, not in some kind of obvious pick up line, but more innocently as her chaperon. It’s one sweet and smart idea for a song!

The track is built upon a relatively simple guitar groove, colored by organ. Sung in a conversational manner, the song finds a guy making himself available to go on vacation with a girl. Not as a sleezy guy. No, he’s only out for her best interests. He’s going to watch over her. Protect her. What could be better than that?



What makes this idea kinda funny, though, is that most of us outgrow chaperons after high school graduation. Remember those high school dances? There were always chaperons, which were actually teachers and school employees, on patrol to keep students from misbehaving. That must be a terrible job! Who wants to police teens? This would involve breaking up instances of too much public affection. It may also include making sure nobody is drinking alcohol or taking drugs. It might even require keeping students from vandalizing property. So, the same people that befriend students in class, to get them to learn, are asked to be their temporary parents for a night. That can’t be any fun – for the chaperons or the students.

Alias Wayne, one presumes, has long since outgrown the need for needing or being a chaperon. He’s a grown adult now, after all. However, by suggesting the role of chaperon, he’s worming into this girl’s life, in the most unthreatening way. The artwork for this single pictures Alias Jayne and Alias Wayne, about to kiss. The photo suggests this song is directed, not at a new potential lover, but an already established partner. Therefore, by being his woman’s chaperon, he’s being playfully romantic. At one point, Wayne calls her his “beautiful sexy girl.” This is certainly no fresh conquest. Instead, it’s his main squeeze.

Playful’ is a word that often comes to mind while listening to “Chaperon.” Yes, love and romance can be serious business, so to speak. Hearts many times get broken in relationships. This Alias Wayne song, though, sounds to be an attempt to put youthfulness back into a relationship. By calling himself a chaperon, it may remind his woman about back when she was still in high school. Love was new and exciting then. Even daring. By incorporating this sort of role playing, Alias Wayne transforms the relationship into something a little unusual, a little unexpected.

Stylistically, this song is largely acoustic. With its wry sense of humor, the artist that first comes to mind is Jimmy Buffett. Can’t you just picture parrot-heads (the name given to diehard Buffett fans) singing along with these words? The song speaks about going on vacation, and many Buffett songs are set on the beach or out on a yacht. In other words, his concerts are like mini vacations.


Alias Wayne gets credit for putting a unique spin on romantic rituals, and then pulls off his great idea with a delightful little song.

–Dan MacIntosh

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