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Fabion 305’s Highly-Anticipated EP, “Area 305,” Drops January 28th On All Platforms

Fabion 305’s newest EP, “Area 305,” is already receiving extensive press and buzz in top U.S. cities. As an artist, Fabion 305 embraces his Jamaican heritage and South Florida roots to create a unique sound and style. Previous singles, including The Enemy, Lethal Weapon, and Addict, set the stage for Fabion 305’s greatest tracks yet. Pure energy, a passion for life, and true happiness are apparent in all of Fabion 305’s endeavors. Fabion 305’s refreshing music leads with love, with no room for hate.

Fabion 305 creates a blend of music with pop, hip-hop, R&B, and reggae influences. In addition to producing one-of-a-kind music, Fabion dedicates his time towards impacting lives and serving his community. For this reason, Fabion 305 has been called the “Hip Hop Humanitarian” of his time. Led by his faith, Fabion brings his community along for his musical journey. Outside influences and inspirations gained while giving back to the community are clearly apparent in his music. As an influential artist and passionate musician, Fabion 305 is a breath of fresh air for hip hop fans around the world.

“Diligently working on your craft and perfecting it every day makes a big difference in music. In the beginning of your musical journey, the music will not be perfect. It is important to take your time and be serious about your music. While others may doubt you, remember to have faith and believe in yourself.” – Fabion 305

As shown by Fabion 305’s followers and fans, the excitement for “Area 305” is unparalleled. After pouring his heart and soul into this EP, Fabion 305 will spend 2022 sharing his feel-good music with venues in South Florida and listeners worldwide. To stay up to date with upcoming live shows and new music drops, follow Fabion 305 on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Soundcloud.

“Area 305” will be available to stream on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music beginning January 28th, 2022.

Website- Fabion305.com
Instagram- Fabion305
Youtube- Fabion305
Spotify- Fabion305

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