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MERLIN explores universal emotion with “Spiral”

Blending modern pop magic with her own electronic energy, MERLIN captures the fears of placing your trust in someone with her latest single, “Spiral.” A glimpse into her new EP, “Dark Matter,” MERLIN finds new ways to bring her personal experiences to life. When discussing her new single, MERLIN revealed, “This track has a special place in my heart, the whole process required more vulnerability than I’ve previously shown. From the lyrics to the way I sing this, I had to be softer. Something I’m still getting used to.” MERLIN explores personal lyrics as she explains her take on a universal emotion. She effortlessly captures a fear most have experienced, tied together with a fiery melody bathed in smoky vocals.

Bringing “Spiral” to fans just before the official release of her EP, “Dark Matter,” MERLIN delivers a resounding inside look at what’s to come. “The title “Dark Matter” came to me when writing my first single ‘Love’. Every track I’ve been working on till this point has been a mode of healing,” MERLIN explained, “Things came to the surface and out of the dark to be illuminated. I sing about parts of my life where I felt like I was surrounded by nothing, an absence of light and love.” Figuring her way out of her own mind, MERLIN shines a light on darkness and overcomes a fear that the toughest among us have experienced with her latest “Spiral.” MERLIN’s new EP “Dark Matter” is out now!

You can follow MERLIN on Instagram @thisismerlin13, and stay up-to-date with new music at https://thisismerlin.com .

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