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Single Review: “Keys to ya Heart” Denzell Terrell

It isn’t often that the instrumental faceting in an R&B attracts as much focus as the lead singer does on their own, but then again, it isn’t very often that a track like “Keys to ya Heart” by Denzell Terrell hits record store shelves. With ebullience in his vocal and a dreamy bassline supporting his every word, a confident and relaxed Terrell dishes up some of the sexiest R&B I’ve listened to from an underground player all year long here, and with the right exposure on either side of the indie circuit, his reverent musicality is bound to get a lot of people excited this December.

URL: https://www.denzellterrell.com/

The music video for “Keys to ya Heart” actually highlights Terrell’s affection for the retro more than it does the actual narrative he’s putting together at the microphone, but I like the setting and stylization of the visuals just the same. The last couple of years have felt pretty underwhelming in terms of smart videography in R&B and hip-hop, but this return to the basics is something that this player could easily ride out of the underground and into the primetime. It’s only a throwback if it doesn’t feel original, which this song absolutely does.

Romantic R&B enthusiasts and the discriminating pop consumer needn’t question whether or not acquiring “Keys to ya Heart” is a good idea right now, as this is one super-hyped single and music video that definitely earns its fair share of fame. Denzell Terrell is a marvelous singer, but rather than giving us the potency of his pipes alone, he’s going all-in with everything he can artistically put forward without losing his soul in the process. I applaud the dedication he’s got when he’s in the recording studio, and from the looks of it, I don’t think this element of his career is going to change at all.

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