December 13, 2021 – “Damnatio Memoriae” is a Latin phrase. It’s about the act of destroying physical objects in order to remove the memory of someone from your head. As we start to turn the corner on 2021, and find ourselves into 2022, we might want to look around us, and rid ourselves of what has held us down.

This “Maxi-single” is a nod to the single release of the 1990s which usually contained various remixes to show that no matter what the style, the end result is always the same. From the military stomp of Cellmod, to the exploration into Future Bass with Civet Agent, or the touch of glam rock meets tech house music that The Gothsicles have brought to this track, the idea still stands.

Damnatio Memoriae” will appear on GIANT MONSTERS ON THE HORIZON’s forthcoming EP due out in Spring of 2022.

GIANT MONSTERS ON THE HORIZON exemplifies all of the pitch-black goodness that makes the retro-futurist movement so interesting. Armed with shimmering synths, vocoders, and ambitions as robust as their beats, Vincent Saletto and Madison Olivia Davis create an amalgam of Wax Trax!-ish darkwave/Electro/EBM that pulsates and permeates the night.

The duo have worked or performed with the likes of Assemblage 23, Covenant, GosT, Dance with the Dead, Youth Code, I Ya Toyah, Cellmod, and Angelspit and count 6 major releases so far. New media projects, film scores, albums, and singles are always on the horizon.

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