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Atlanta-based Hip-Hop Artist Al Rickjames Enthralls The Listeners With His Debut Album, ‘Trap Caribbean.’


Al Rickjames released an exciting new album, titled ‘Trap Caribbean.’ This one-of-a-kind project blends culture and style to create a crisp and unsmoked offering in the rap genre, with influences from the Caribbean, the South, and beyond. Trap Caribbean distinguishes itself through a range of different touches. It has stylish soundtracks that draw inspiration from the artist’s heritage and a Dirty South production style, forming a unique string of songs, making it a great offering for fans of all genres. In addition to the artist’s unique talent, the album includes production credits from Grammy and Platinum-recognized artists like Cassius Jay, Cartier Fly, Dre Krazy, and others.

Al Rickjames, a Montego Bay native, rose to prominence in 2017 and has since become a well-known rapper in the industry. The multi-talented artist is recognized not only for his rapping skills but also for his songwriting and dancehall performance abilities. Al Rickjames had a difficult life; he had been through a lot. From surviving a devastating hurricane that almost took his life and experiencing poverty to getting imprisoned for ten years. Despite all the challenges, he pursued his passion for music and turned all of his life experience into musical therapy. Undoubtedly, he is sure to soar to new heights. Rickjames’ latest album delivers an elegant and seamless performance throughout each song – ‘Anything You Want,’ and ‘Señorita’ contain cheery, light beats with lots of flairs, whereas ‘Jamaica’ features a heavier bass. All in all, the album is exciting and captivating, and it is a must-listen. 

‘Trap Caribbean’ is now available on Spotify. Follow Al Rickjames on Instagram and Twitter, or visit his website for more information.

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